Friday, October 03, 2008

This is the beginning of many firsts for me - my first personal blog post! I am pregnant with my first child, which has brought with it many firsts: The feeling of discovering that I was going to be a Mommy for the first time. The joy of sharing the news with my husband for the first time. Breaking the news to our parents for the first time. The first visit to the Doctor’s. The first congratulations, the first sickness, the first blushes, the first stare at my belly, the first ooh’s and aah’s.

But nothing can compare to the feeling of ‘seeing’ my baby for the first time – my first ultrasound. My husband was with me and the memory of the joy on his face the first time he heard the heart beat still brings tears to my eyes.

Being the techno-geeks my husband and I are, we were all set to capture those precious moments. Armed with various cameras – point and shoot, camera phones, the latest Zi6 video camera we felt invincible. Imagine our disappointment when we were informed that none of these capture devices were allowed. We could only get a copy of the ultrasound on a VHS tape! Ummm, we got rid of our video player years ago. The glimpses of my baby were held captive in a black plastic ‘box’ that I could only stare at helplessly.

Friends of mine at work helped me (thank you) convert the black plastic box into a DVD that we could view.

Hubby and I have seen it so many times just in the last few days. I even feel the baby move when I watch the DVD now :0)

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