Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, I've been horrible about maintaining my personal blog. Albeit a little late in the year - but to update regularly is this year's resolution.

Since the last time I blogged, I've been blessed with Lil A. She's beautiful (well of course I'm biased, I'm her mom). Born towards the end of January, in the wee hours of the morning at 7lbs 12oz and all of 21.25 inches tall! She sure took her time coming into this world (yep, 24hrs and 2 minutes!!)

Life has changed and how? Motherhood is a mixed bag of tricks. The first month was tricky - but it's been a beautiful ride so far. My baby's truly an angel - she sleeps through the night (yes!) Her smile melts my heart and her cooing makes me forget about everything else. And what they say is so true - you quickly forget the discomforts of initial motherhood. Smile, coo, smile, gurgle!

Welcome Lil A, mommy loves you.

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