Monday, August 09, 2010

Visit to the Zoo

This was Lil A's second trip to the zoo. For the intent of a zoo a more successful one. Her first trip was in April on a beautiful, crips day in early Spring. The animals were out and 'on parade' as I like to say. Me thinks Lil A was too young (at 15 months). She couldn't care less about the 4 legged species, maintaining focus and enjoying the variety of the 2 legged human species.

At 18 months (what a difference 3 months makes for a toddler) she showed a keen interest in the fauna and repeated after us all the names of the animals. Since this was a much warmer day, a lot of the animals were hiding in shady corners, but a few came out to greet us.

The elephants came out for a meal just as we approached their area.

Rhinos (or Hippos as Lil A remembers them) were out of luck as they did not have a 'shady' spot to hide in.

The Emu ate the whole time we were at the zoo.

The meerkats were happy to be indoors and very playful.

We're now looking forward to the exclusive member Evening at the Zoo in a couple of weeks.

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